Tutorial – Easy basing techniques

Hey guys, what about a quick and easy tutorial? I will show you how to realize some simple, fast and yet visually appealing bases for your miniatures. It’s going to be a quick one but it will open you the doors to a whole new world of miniature base adventures! Any model, even when properly... Continue Reading →


From Russia with… miniatures.

Quite a long time passed since my last post here. I've been struggling with putting some valuable content on both Twitter and YouTube while juggling work and family so, tough times! Yesterday, however, I entered a very, very deep rabbit hole that led me to the discovery of the great enchanted world of Tehnolog (Технолог)!... Continue Reading →

Why I love Mercs

It's been a real while since I updated the blog: Youtube shenanigans really take too much time to be able to do both on a regular basis. Today, however, let me grave-dig an old post I had on the previous blog. It's about a game that we should not let die: Mercs 2.0. Want to... Continue Reading →

About priming

In this post, I will tell you a secret that can save your life. I mean, maybe not really “save” your life but it can keep you painting more and more constantly. This secret is the brush-on primer.   Common knowledge tells us that before even thinking about painting our nice miniatures we must first... Continue Reading →

Stripping models

Today I am back with a tutorial on how to strip paint off of old models. This is a quick and easy process that will give your models a new shiny life. So, if you are new to painting and do not want to ruin an expensive model trying your skills, why don't you buy... Continue Reading →

Painting on a budget

If you want to try your hand at painting miniatures but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg, this is for you! In this post, in fact, I decided to put together all the tips and trick I discovered after painting for many years that can help you save a lot of... Continue Reading →

Wreck Age – A review

Last year, Hyacinth games revealed the new version of their post-apocalyptic tabletop miniature wargame: Wreck Age. This is not just a miniature game but more a hybrid between wargame and RPG which makes this one of the most interesting games in the post-apocalyptic skirmish scene. Mattew Sears, one of the two minds behind the game... Continue Reading →

Why is color theory important

As a compendium to the hobby series, let's talk about color theory, what is it and why it is so important. You always hear artists and pro painters talk about it is probably a big deal. In today’s post, I will try to talk about it in depth, especially focusing on what's important to know... Continue Reading →

Hobby List 3 – Paints

Today I am back with the last post in the Hobby List series: all about paints! If you followed the previous installments, at this point you should have all the tools ready for your hobby station. The brushes and the palette are ready to go but you still miss the paints! Today I try to... Continue Reading →

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